Student Life in NIFT Shillong, Meghalaya

Talking about student life in NIFT Shillong, Meghalaya is like an event film that has the right amount of all expressions including comedy, horror, motivation, drama, action, etc. In short, all genres together. Yes, that’s right student life in NIFT Shillong is full packed roller coaster ride. It has ups and downs but for sure once the ride is over you would like to go back again. Qualifying the NIFT entrance itself a big achievement and coming to study in Shillong, such an inexplicably beautiful place, is like cherry on the cake. NIFT’s student life is considered as full of creativity. So, what can be better than doing it in the arms of nature.


From the very first day, there are lots of activities to make you feel like home and to bring your true self out in the world of creativity cause when you feel free to speak, feel belong then only you’ll be able to share your emotion truly. NIFT understands that not every student is the same few of them more reserve or say introvert. NIFT Shillong will give a hand, to help you, to come out of that shell in which you are living. So that you can show the world a glimpse of your shine.

MFM Student 2017 -2019

As the tag line of NIFT says “#NIFT IS YOU”, for me the meaning is NIFT will give you the equal respect to your opinion no matter what educational background you have, from where you belong, you are an extrovert or introvert or any other aspects. NIFT, Shillong consider that factor and gives you the best ever guidance you can get. Except that life in NIFT, Shillong more than the study. But that you will come to know once you will enter the boundaries of NIFT,Shillong. There are tens of trips including inside and outside Shillong.

MFM Student 2018 -2020

From your orientation program to ice-breaking sessions. NIFT, Shillong has a lot more than just theories. The teaching that will be going to help you all your life. And except the exposure college will give you, you can get much more than that. Shillong has wonderful music, street fashion, local food to unbelievably beautiful places to visit. We have other blogs that will give you clearer picture.

Dipti Verma

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