Pocket friendly Café and Restaurants in Shillong

Shillong a hill station, a tourist place, not just that but the capital of Meghalaya has a lot to offer you when comes to food whether it is local or international. In terms of price also you will get from expensive to cheap range. There are many café that is based on some theme, like Dylan’s Café, ML05, etc. Over all lots of places where you can just chill and have your food.

But in this blog we are not going to talk about all those high end or expensive cafés. Instead we will discuss all the cafés or restaurants we fond cheap in price and good in quality. And also we will consider the fact that how accessible that café or restaurants are for home delivery.

First that comes in my mind is Slice of Shillong. It is in Nongthymmai, gives you casual dining experience. The place is tiny but gives very costly and comfortable vibes. They have lot of options in there menu. They deliver through zomato and netfoodish.com.    

Next I’ll talk about Madras Café a perfect place to have South Indian cuisine in shilling. It will Gives you good vibes and quality food. They have delivery option though zomato and netfoodish.com. It is in Police Bazar.

Next in my list I have two restaurants that are very affordable. They don’t delivery through any other service but they do deliver in nearby areas by their self. Both the restaurants are in Nongthymmai. List doesn’t ends here there are a lot more places to visit and explore and discover new cuisine.

Dipti Verma

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