Mesmerizing life at NIFT Shillong Master of Fashion Management

For a Master of fashion management student, the college campus becomes a home for the next two years. Even the festivals, celebrations all are spent at the institute. The aesthetically appealing NIFT shillong campus has made the frenetic life of the Design, technology & management way simpler. The red bricks enclosing wisdom and the picturesque views at every blink, most beautiful environment.

Convocation NIFT Shillong MFM (2017-2019)

The grandness of the institute begins with the structure at the turn to the campus which appears as the letters NIFT. While you would still be talking about the interesting. It welcomes you with grace signifying of the institute. As you move ahead into the depth of the campus, the greenery will refill you with energy and make you fall in love with it. The array of huge trees on both the ends, the chirpiness of the birds and if you are lucky enough you will definitely witness the peacocks dancing. The well-manicured gardens are an eye-charmer. NIFT shillong is an ideal setting for learning.

Besides its greenery and construction, the campus is further made colourful by the festivals and celebrations. Every festival is celebrated with exquisite zeal at the campus. The brightness in Diwali, the colours in Holi, the garba moves during navratri, the Christmas blast, the massive id feast, or the Onam and Pongal celebrations, all serve as an icing to the serenity.

Kedarnath Sahu

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