Masters of Fashion Management, NIFT Shillong

The journey to the NIFT Shillong

National Institute of Fashion Technology is a premier institute in the domain of fashion in India. NIFT Shillong is among the 16 centres in Shillong. In order to reach your destination to NIFT Shillong you will have to start your journey either from Guwahati Airport or Railway Station. Shillong itself has an airport of its own. Shillong is 103 km away from Guwahati Airport and it takes around 2 hours 31 minutes from cab. From the Guwahati Airport you have got 2 options; first you can opt for the reserved cab which will cost you 2 grands and for sharing 500 bucks. There is not much option of negotiations, one can still give it a try. I personally got a reserved cab from Guwahati for Rs1600 once. So, there is no loss in trying to negotiate.

MFM Students

Presently the transit campus of NIFT is in Polo Market. There is girls hostel in Nongthymmai, for boys there is no hostel facility. Bus facility is provided to girls to commute from Hostel to College. The time taken to commute in Shillong is usually more as there is a packed traffic expect on Sundays.

NIFT Shillong has three courses to offer. Fashion Design, Accessory Design and Masters of Fashion Management. This blog will cover about the course Masters of Fashion Management aka Fashion Management Studies.
“I am very proud of my decision to opt for Masters of Fashion Management from NIFT Shillong,” said Riya Joshi. She scored 103 rank and said had option to opt for NIFT Gandhinagar but her longing for mountain brought her to Shillong centre. The best part about Shillong centre is the faculty. They give utmost attention to each and every student in the classroom and all the assessment and learning help students to adjust well in the industry.
The course Masters of Fashion Management gives students to explore to fields in the industry in the domain of fashion. One is Retailing and other is Export House. The mentoring session conducted in the daily curriculum help students a lot in making small to big decision in the journey of Masters of Fashion Management.

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