Literacy Day; Open Mic in NIFT Shillong

NIFT Shillong has various clubs for students. Cultural, Literary, Sports, Social and Photography Club. On the occasion of Literacy Day, the literary club society organized “OPEN MIC” for students of NIFT Shillong. Students were very enthusiastic for the event and turned up with their original write-ups. “Express to Impress” was the theme for the event. These kind of excercises among students happens on weekly basis by different clubs in NIFT Shillong. Students are allocated with zero period in their timetable to prepare and engage for Club Activities in NIFT Shillong.

Riya Joshi, MFM Student

Such programmes and activities give students platform to perform, participate and engage. Various ideas and opinions were shared via poems, short stories, stand-up comedy and music in open mic.
“Events like ‘open mic’ help students to interact with oneself and with peers. I have observed that weekly activities conducted by different clubs in NIFT Shillong have students to gain confidence which help them to present their ideas well in Jury,” said Riya Joshi, MFM third semester.
There are several activities that takes place in NIFT Shillong by the various clubs of NIFT Shillong. Try and be part of those events as it adds a lots of value in student life.

Pooja Joshi

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