Industrial Visit: Part of curriculum in NIFT Shillong, Meghalaya

Masters of Fashion Management Students Excursion to Delhi

Masters of Fashion Management students in NIFT Shillong are taken for industrial visit every year. This article about industrial visit of NIFT Shillong, MFM students to Delhi in the year 2018. Fashion Management Students in NIFT Shillong are given opportunities to have one on one exposure with the industry. In the year 2008, an excursion trips to Delhi added a lot of value in the portfolio of the students.

MFM Student Batch (2018-2020)

The students were taken to three destinations. FICCI conference, Shahi Exports and DLF Emporio.

FICCI Conference

Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a conference in December and the course coordinator of NIFT Shillong tagged along with the students. The conference involved interaction with the think tanks of the industry. You name it and you got it. FICCI conference was like a huge platter with the industry enthusiasts. This opportunity given to students to visit FICCI Conference to understand the working of the corporate industries and the dire need of the corporate to include Corporate Social Responsibility as part of their day to day operation.

FICCI Conference,Delhi

Shahi Exports

Shahi Exports got established in 1974 by Mrs. Sarla Ahuja. Shahi Exports has become one of the largest apparel manufacturer in India keeping in consideration the social and environmental practices. It is very vital for students to visit export house if they are pursuing Masters of Fashion Management as it gives a clearer picture to students about the root of the industry. Many students opt for Merchandising and the visit added value as now they not only have live experience but also many contacts that they make during their visit to Shahi Exports, Delhi.

DLF Emporio

Merchandising and Retailing are the two vital domain that opens a lot of opportunity for students pursuing Masters of Fashion Management. DLF Emporio in Delhi is a mall that caters to customers looking forward to purchasing luxury products. Students were given the opportunity to visit Fendi, luxury brand from Italy. The visit to Fendi in DLF Emporio added value in the excursion trip by making student aware about the day to day operation of the retail. Shillong doesn’t have any luxury brand store. So, students one on one interaction with the people already in the industry make them aware about the retailing industry and the front end operation of the luxury retail stores.

DLF Emporio

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